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Occupational Safety

Beyond safety posters and lectures

TAGteach procedures work directly on several fronts to improve safety and safety training.

  • Increase skill acquisition, fluency and retention 
  • Significantly improve communication before, during, and after training 
  • Create paths for long term cooperation and problem solving
  • Provide real-time opportunities to assess learner comprehension 

For more information and to arrange a proposal for private and on-site consultations, please contact Theresa McKeon 

Click here for a list of upcoming events including: live seminars, workshops, online course, and webinars. 

"The Seafisher has had no accidents since the first training two years ago, probably no one else in the North Pacific can say that right now. Their insurance rates are lower than many, many other companies as a result”
Amy Duz- Safety Trainer Cascade Fishing Co. 9/13/09 -

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