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Autism and Special Education

Do you ever feel frustrated when your child makes the same mistakes or repeats the same disruptive behavior over and over?

Are you concerned that your child isn't making the progress you know they're capable of?

Do you worry about the future of your child if they don't start doing better in social and academic situations?

Are you confused and overwhelmed by the many and complex programs and therapies you hear or read about?

It doesn't need to be this way. You can learn to teach your child so that they learn and thrive. Your child will be happier and more confident when they know exactly what to do in every situation. You can learn to use TAGteach, an easy, effective method based on positive reinforcement to help your child in many ways.

TAGteach is a teaching and communication method based on the scientific principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). TAGteach enables extremely precise positive reinforcement of a behavior by using an acoustical signal to notify a child that he/she has done something correctly, at the precise moment he/she performs the behavior. The acoustical signal is a short, sharp sound made by a handheld device (the “tagger”). When the child performs the correct action, the parent/instructor immediately presses the button on the tagger and hands over a treat (candy, treat, token, praise, social recognition, or money) as a reinforcer.

Click here for more information, videos and testimonials about TAGteach for autism.

With TAGteach, it is easy to reinforce behaviors precisely and frequently. The immediate, accurate feedback and positive reinforcement result in the child performing the correct action more often, and for longer periods of time. With immediate feedback and learning tasks broken down into small steps, children can learn many new skills with TAGteach.

TAGteach is particularly effective in teaching people with autism and other special needs, best said by those who use it...

"TAGteach allows us to use positive reinforcement while teaching children diagnosed with autism. Preliminary research at ABC, Inc. has shown positive results using TAGteach. Utilising ABA principles and TAGteach, communication, self-help, play, pre-academic, and gross and fine motor skills have increased. Some examples of skills taught to children with autism by ABC, Inc. using TAGteach include independent hand washing, accurate sign language skills, and vocal imitation lessons. In addition, to increasing positive skills, ABC, Inc. has also used TAG to decrease socially unacceptable behaviors (e.g., toe-walking). TAG significantly increased on-task behaviors throughout teaching sessions."
 -Applied Behavior Consultants, Inc 

Read an article by Martha Gabler, mother of a non-verbal child with autism, about her use of TAGteach to help her child and herself.

Read Martha's book: Chaos to Calm: Discovering Solutions to the Everyday Problems of Living With Autism.

"This remarkable book is something that any ABA person would be proud to offer parents. TAGteach has an important future in the treatment of autism and other developmental delays and this parent has shown the way. I will be recommending the book to both parents and ABA therapists." 
-Joseph Morrow, PhD, BCBA-D Applied Behavior Consultants Inc.

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Click here to read articles on our blog about TAGteach and autism.

"I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and I heard about TAG at a conference presented by Julie Vargas. I have been using it for my students with autism and it has worked well for every single one of them. I have used it for teaching a student to stay with his family as they walk around a track, have used it to teach games to children with autism, have used it to shape writing behavior, and have used it to teach gross motor skills.The thing I'm so impressed with about TAG is how fast the kids learn the target behavior. I have been working in the field of autism for over 13 years and have never seen anything work so quickly to shape behavior"- Jerusia Chase

Listen to an interview with TAGteach cofounder Theresa McKeon by R.Trent Codd, III, Ed.S. LPS on the blog 

TAGteach offers workshops and consulting services to teachers and behavior consultants. We also offer an online course introduction to TAGteach as well as public seminars. Click here for a list of upcoming seminars.

"The seminar was put together in a learner friendly manner, using a wide variety of proven teaching methods. The presenters were knowledgeable and helpful – two key points in presenting so much information to a group of adult learners. I was impressed by the reaction of my employees: engaged in learning, focused, and enthusiastic about the method."
-Jane Clark- Director Special Education of Country Peoria

Contact Joan Orr for information, rates and availability for private consulting and workshops.

TAGteach Research

Since 2004, TAGteach studies have been presented at behavior analysis conferences more than 40 times.
Graduate students around the world are conducting thesis work.
Five studies have been published in the peer-reviewed literature.
Three books have been published that contain significant TAGteach content.
Click here to view the TAGteach reference list.

What Experts Have to Say About TAGteach:

"Can't describe the feeling when your daughter who avoids eye contact looks up at you whilst you're talking to her and holds your gaze. TAGteach and Chaos to Calm did that."
Seany Pogson - Parent

"TAGteach has an important future in the treatment of autism and other developmental delays."
Joseph Morrow, PhD, BCBA-D, President Applied Behavior Consultants Inc., Professor of Psychology and Behavior Analysis, California State University

"It could, and should, be the model for a new approach to assisting families, and will also be of much use to teachers and clinicians.”
Martin Kozloff, PhD, Watson Distinguished Professor, University of North Carolina, Autism Society Professional Advisor

“Effective interventions require thoughtfulness, innovation, and compassion. TAGteach is a robust intervention worthy of the children who need it."
Rick Kubina, PhD, Professor, Special Education, Pennsylvania State University

“This will be a helpful tool for parents of children with a diagnosis of autism spectrum."
Heather Griffin, MS, BCBA, Clinical Director or Northeast Florida Services Behavior Management Consultants

“Sound science and practical ideas... based on solid research.”
Will H Burrow, PhD, Director of Special Education, University of Connecticut

“I am on the Autism Spectrum. I’m both high and low functioning but have achieved a level of integration in ‘normal’ or neurotypical society because of my higher functioning attributes. It has been a difficult path to walk alone though. If TAGteach had been around when I was a kid I may have a had an even more successful, less frustrating, anxiety ridden childhood and been a higher achiever than I currently am.”
Katie Scott-Dyer

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