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"TAGteach is going to change the way I teach for the rest of my career. Without a doubt I would recommend this training to everybody. I like that I don't have to correct them every time. The students are self-correcting because they either hear the tag or they don't, which is where the true learning happens."
Cheryl Anderson - Director of Instruction, Mike Bender Golf Academy, 2006 National LPGA Teacher of the Year

"This [TAGteach] is what my father [B.F. Skinner] would have wanted for his science."

"It's amazing that it took until the turn of the twenty-first century for someone to use a specialized conditioned reinforcer for gymnastics, speech therapy, and for simple academic skills"
Julie Vargas Ph.D. - Author of Behavior Analysis for Effective Teaching

"The seminar was put together in a learner friendly manner, using a wide variety of proven teaching methods. The presenters were knowledgeable and helpful - two key points in presenting so much information to a group of adult learners. I was impressed by the reaction of my employees: engaged in learning, focused, and enthusiastic about the method.
Jane Clark - Director Special Education of Peoria County

"One of the most important developments in the teaching of physical education. When I'm TAGteaching, I know exactly when my students have learned the skill and, just as importantly, so do they!"
Suzann Schiemer - noted physical education teacher, nationally recognized expert in assessing student learning and author of "Assessment Strategies for Elementary Physical Education"

"I love TAGteaching! We have used it to help children learn to read more accurately, to know when they are right, and ALWAYS to provide the instantaneous feedback that best supports anyone as they learn something new and difficult!"
Richard McManus - Director, Fluency Factor, nationally recognized expert in the application of Fluency and Precision Teaching solutions for rehabilitation, manufacturing, and educational concerns

"TAGteach will change the ideas that have for so long led to negativity among athletes and coaches. It's a simple coaching tool that may change the way you look at life."
Anell Roberts - Head Coach, Choice Gymnastics

"Based on the data collected, TAG is an effective teaching tool for children diagnosed with Autism. For our staff, TAG increases behavioral skills in observation, analysis, and teaching strategies."
Victoria Fogel, B.S., B.C.A.B.A. - Certified TAGteacher and Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst for the University of Florida, Previously at Applied Behavior Consultants, Inc.

"All children have immeasurable amounts of potential if the adults in their lives have the right tools; TAGteach is one of those tools."
Amy Rhodes - Teacher for deaf and hearing-impaired children who use the auditory-oral method of communication.

"TAGteach is an ingenious application of behavioral principles that has the potential to revolutionize coaching."
Jesus Rosales-Ruiz - Associate Professor of Behavior Analysis, University of North Texas

"I have been blending and teaching with the TAG principles and I must say it has been one of the most enjoyable weeks of teaching I have ever had. It is so exciting to discover new ways to help communicate and help people develop all of their talents, skills and joy"
Luanne Cherney - Golf coach, Ladies Professional Golf Association

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