Certification Information

There are four progressive levels of TAGteach certification:

Your certification entitles you to use the appropriate TAGteach certification badge. You must remain a TAGteach member in good standing to maintain your certification and use the badge. To maintain certification you must attend 2 TAGteach webinars (or recorded webinars) per year and any other online training as specified from time to time. This will be free or low cost.

Once you obtain certification at any level you will automatically receive 6 months of free TAGteach membership. After the initial 6 month period, you would need to pay the annual dues to maintain your membership. Click on this link to see the member benefits: Join TAGteach

Please note that only TAGteach Faculty and Level 3 TAGteachers are qualified to speak at instructional events. Only TAGteach Faculty can certify other TAGteachers.

Certification events can be held only with the permission and participation of TAGteach International.

Other events involving speaking engagements that will use the TAGteach trademark require permission from TAGteach International. This includes podium presentations, lectures and webinars that explain the theory and/or use of TAGteach as the major topic of the presentation. If you are asked to give a presentation and you are not sure about the legality of using the TAGteach name, please contact joan@tagteach.com for confirmation.

Certification Requirements

To qualify for certification at Levels 2 or 3 you must be a current member in good standing of TAGteach. Please reactivate your membership if it has lapsed. If you attend a live seminar you will get another 6 months of membership automatically.

If you have not attended a seminar since before 2016, then you should take our free online mini-course to make sure that you are up to date on current best practices. Your certification submissions must conform to our current standards of practice and wording of tag points. Click here for the free course.

List of Certification requirements

List of video submission requirements

Video assessment criteria

Certification FAQ

If you have any questions about certification, please send an email to Joan Orr at joan@tagteach.com.

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