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Business Training

Fire up your trainers and your training! 

Whether it's high performance communication, skill acquisition, customer service or management training, make the most out of every moment by using TAGteach tools.

TAGteach delivers a complete package that focuses on the success of the trainer and the student to ensure maximum efficiency. Topics includes skill identification, real-time skill acquisition assessment, communication and motivation.

We offer workshops, certification seminars and private consulting to help identify issues and develop long-term solutions. 

Click here for more information about upcoming seminars. To arrange private consultations contact Theresa McKeon

Listen to an interview with TAGteach cofounder Theresa McKeon and Robert Thompson (author of the best selling book The Offsite - A Leadership Challenge Fable) and Daren Blonski on the blog.

"I believe… in 10 years, every course with a behavioral component will be using TAGteach”
Glenn Hughes

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