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Teaching Animal Trainers

"I know that using an audible marker and positive reinforcement creates the perfect learning environment. I just didn’t know how to apply the concepts to human students."

Pretty nearly every dog trainer will tell you that it's a lot easier to train the dogs than the people!

Are you frustrated with repeating the same instructions over and over or having your clients coming back with the same mistakes week after week?

Why don't they just listen when you tell them how to do it the right way?

They're trying, but there's just too much information and too much going on all at the same time.

With TAGteach, you'll have a set of tools you can use so that you can talk less, teach more and give your learners more success.

TAGteach is an instructional protocol for humans that shares a scientific history with the underlying principles of marker based animal training. 

Both work on the premise that clear communication and positive reinforcement build solid relationships and increase the effectiveness of every training moment.

Click here for more information, videos and testimonials specific to TAGteach for dog trainers and to download our FREE goal planner that you can use right away.

Read some articles from our blog about TAGteach applied to teaching animal handling skills and dog handling skills in particular.

TAGteach offers workshops and consulting services to professional animal trainers, zoos and aquariums. We also offer an online course introduction to TAGteach as well as public seminars. 

Click here for a list of upcoming seminars. Contact Joan Orr for information, rates and availability for private consulting and workshops.

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