Certification Events

Some of our events qualify in full or in part towards TAGteach Certification:

Primary Level Certification Seminar

Come to a live Primary Certification seminar to earn Primary TAGteach Certification. You will be awarded certification at the end of the session.

Level 1 Certification Seminar

Come to an advanced seminar for partial qualification towards your Level 1 Certification or just to learn more advanced TAGteach.

You can attend a Level 1 Certification seminar even if you don't have Primary Certification, but you can only earn Level 1 Certification if you already have your Primary Certification.

You must already have Primary Certification to be eligible for Level 1. You can earn Primary Certification from a live Primary Certification Seminar or by taking the Introduction to TAGteach Online Course and submitting your homework and video.

This Advanced (Level 1) Seminar will give you PART of the requirements for Level 1 Certification. You will also need to submit your training documentation and videos and pay an assessment fee of $75 for the review of these materials.

For all the details of certification requirements, please click here:
Certification Information

Level 1 Seminar Plus Online Course Package

Earn your Primary Certification before coming to a Level 1 Seminar. If you sign up for the Introduction to TAGteach Online Course at the same time as you register for a Level 1 Seminar, we will give you the online course for half price ($149). You can register for the course inside the Level 1 seminar registration. To earn Primary Certification from the online course, you must complete the course, submit your homework and video and pay a fee of $75 for the assessment of the materials that you submit. You can pay this fee at the end of the course if you wish to earn certification.

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Q&A with Martha Gabler - TAGteach for Autism

All TAGteach events come with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee!

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