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    • 07 Jul 2018
    • 9:00 AM (PDT)
    • 08 Jul 2018
    • 5:00 PM (PDT)
    • Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle WA, 750 N. 50th Street, Seattle, WA 98103

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    Attention people teachers and trainers! Attention animal trainers! Your worlds are about to collide in a truly phenomenal way. Join us in scenic Seattle in July to learn from the best in both fields. Your skills and knowledge will jump to the next level when you hear what these visionaries have to teach you. The best lessons are taught to us by our students, and you'll hear about the insights that top teachers and trainers have gained from dogs, children with intellectual disabilities, whales, elite athletes, surgeons and more.

    If that's not enough awesomeness for one conference, you'll also be blown away by the technology available and in development to help with data collection, reinforcement, machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and more.

    This is an unprecedented opportunity to expand your horizons and find out what's going on at the leading edge of human and animal training. Expand your thinking and skills beyond the bounds of experience from working in one field. Sign up now to ensure that you get one of the 200 in-person spots.

    Join the Facebook event for pre-conference info and discussion. Ask us questions!

    This event is brought to you by RYANO and TAGteach International.

    You should come if...

    • You're a Behavior Analyst
    • You're a TAGteacher
    • You're an animal trainer
    • You're a sport coach, classroom teacher, business leader or other teacher or manager of people
    • You're a parent
    • You're fascinated by behavior
    • You're interested in being on the leading edge of teaching, training and technology as applied to these

    Continuing Education

    12.5 CEUS approved from:


    4 CEUS approved from CNWI

    BACB - 15 Type 2 CEUs (1 Ethics & 14 Type-2)

    Navigation Behavior Consulting is an Approved Continuing Education (ACE) provider and the BACB does not endorse this event.

    CE Instructor: Ryan O'Donnell, MS, BCBA
    BACB Certification: BCBA
    BACB Qualification: Is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in good standing
    CE Target Audience: Behavior Analysts in Practice, including but not limited to those with credentials from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB).


    This is the list of speakers (in no particular order). Hold onto your hats, because this line up will blow your socks off!

    Theresa McKeon

    Ken Ramirez

    Carl Binder

    Vicci Tucci

    Steve White

    Jen White

    Lisa Clifton-Bumpass

    Susan Friedman

    Joey Iversen

    Martha Gabler

    Amy Sutherland

    Ryan O'Donnell

    Joe Layng

    Megan Miller

    Amy Evans

    Andy Chavez

    Annie Esclante

    To read more about these speakers click here

    We're doing a series of video interviews with the speakers. You can see all the ones completed so far here.


    We've asked our speakers to tailor their talks to our theme of the convergence of animal and human training. There is a lot that animal trainers can learn from human trainers and vice versa. Our human learners can (mostly) talk to us and tell us what they like and what they don't. They are more forgiving than animals in some ways and less forgiving in others. Our animal learners talk to us only with their behavior and so reading body language is an essential skill in animal training that human trainers can benefit from too. This is the first event of its kind which brings human and animal trainers together for the express purpose of aligning our practice, and that integrates leading edge technology both in the delivery and the subject matter. We're excited and we expect a fabulous response to this unprecedented event!

    Streaming and Live spots

    Can't make the trip to Seattle? We're arranging a livestream and recorded option as well.  This is available for those who would prefer to join online or can't make the travel to the physical location. We know there are competing events in everyone's life.  Additionally, it's quite impactful on the environment to travel and attend an event.

    As such, we've made sure that you can log in online and watch the events as they occur throughout the day. The livestream quality depends on the venue - so if you're signing up early, know that we guarantee the on-demand video 30-days after the event. We expect a high quality livestream at the zoo facility as they have top notch tech there.

    Each participant will also receive access to a recording of the event for 30 days only after the event. This will be a link to stream it to your device. We will not be sending out CDs. It's a perfect option if you're already committed when we're holding the live event but still want to join the community and movement. Each presentation will also come along with materials that allow you to immediately use the skills and create your personal action plan.

    PLEASE NOTE: you must register before the event to get access to the livestream and recording for 30 days. We will most likely not be selling the recording after the fact.


    *Streaming is best with a dedicated direct line. Although the event can be streamed through 4G and LTE and wireless connections, it's recommended that you plan to attend with a direct ethernet connection with at least 5Mb/s connection. We're glad to answer any questions about this at the contact information below. All attendees will receive a recording of the event as a part of registration. Data usage fees may apply and are your sole responsibility.


    Early Bird - Ends April 19

    Professional In-person: $250
    Professional Online: $270

    Student In-person: $130

    Student Online: $150

    Students: send proof of enrollment (screen shot of you logged in to your school account will do) to to get the discount code

    Regular Pricing - Begins Apr 20

    Professional In-person: $300
    Professional Online: $320

    TAGteacher In-Person: $250
    TAGteacher Online: $270
    TAGteachers: you'll get the discount automatically if you login with the same email you use for your TAGteach membership - must be a current member

    Student In-person: $150
    Student Online: $170

    Students: send proof of enrollment (screen shot of you logged in to your school account will do) to to get the discount code

    Registered Charities

    We want to help you out if you're a struggling charity trying to do good in the world!

    The charity discount is the same as the early bird price. If it's still in the early bird time period please register without a discount code.

    After April 19 there will be a charity discount that is the same as the early bird price ($50 off).

    Please send an email to with your name, the name of your organization, your website and your Federal, State or Provincial charity registration ID number, to obtain the discount code.

    TAGteach and RYANO reserve the right to refuse the charity discount for any reason.


    Holy lions and tigers people, we're going to the ZOO! We'll be holding this event at the Woodland park Zoo in Seattle. We think this is venue is very apropos for this training event. The room is fantastic, they have the technology to support our livestream and the food will be terrific.

    Click here for more info about the zoo:

    The registration for this event is right here on this page that you're on now. The zoo is just the venue, they don't have any additional info or registration at their site.



    Time Start Time End Speaker

    8:30:00 AM 9:15:00 AM Registration
    9:30:00 AM 10:20:00 AM Theresa McKeon
    Keynote Address - An Opened Door
    10:25:00 AM 11:15:00 AM Susan Friedman
    Eyes to See, Ears to Hear, Behavior to....?
    11:15:00 AM 11:30:00 AM BREAK
    11:30:00 AM 12:20:00 PM Megan Miller
    Traditional Escape Extinction: Ethical Considerations and a Review of Alternatives
    12:25:00 PM 1:15:00 PM Joey Iversen
    1:15:00 PM 2:45:00 PM LUNCH
    2:45:00 PM 3:35:00 PM Carl Binder
    3:40:00 PM 4:30:00 PM Amy Evans
    A case for embracing data science
    4:30:00 PM 4:45:00 PM BREAK
    4:45:00 PM 5:35:00 PM Martha Gabler
    TAGteach for Autism IS the Convergence of Human and Animal Training
    5:40:00 PM 6:30:00 PM Amy Sutherland


    9:30:00 AM 10:20:00 AM Ken Ramirez
    Real World Training: "The Animals are the Easy Part"
    10:25:00 AM 11:15:00 AM Joe Layng
    AI, Big Data, and Machine Learning: Implications for Human and Animal Training
    11:15:00 AM 11:30:00 AM BREAK
    11:30:00 AM 12:20:00 PM Vicci Tucci
    Programming for Generativity with Animals and Humans
    12:25:00 PM 1:15:00 PM Steve White, Jen White and Lisa Clifton-Bumpass
    The Training Triad®—Raising Training to the Power of Three
    1:15:00 PM 2:45:00 PM LUNCH
    2:45:00 PM 3:35:00 PM Steve White, Jen White and Lisa Clifton-Bumpass
    Asset Based Team Training, Goal Directed Culture Change
    3:40:00 PM 4:30:00 PM Ryan O'Donnell, Annie Esclanate and Andy Chavez
    Teaching within virtual reality environments
    4:30:00 PM 4:45:00 PM BREAK
    4:45:00 PM 5:45:00 PM Panel Discussion

    This is a pre-sale announcement so that you can be sure to get in at the early bird price. We'll let you know about the specific details as soon as we have that locked down.


    Your registration includes morning pastries as well as tea, coffee and soft drinks and water station all day.

    Lunch will be on your own. There are lots of cool places to have lunch near the zoo. We'll have some more info on that as we get closer to the date.

    There are lots of great places within half a mile of the zoo (12-15 minutes walk). There are 1.5 hours for lunch. If you're worried about time, you could call in your order ahead. You can find the local restaurants on Trip Advisor. Click on the map to see where they are relative to the zoo. We will be closest to the south entrance to the zoo at Fremont and N 50th St.

    Trip advisor listings:

    Trip advisor map:

    Click on the plus sign on the map to enlarge it to show more options.

    accommodation and travel

    The official hotel is the University Inn. They are holding a block of rooms for us at a rate of $229USD per night (plus approx 15% tax). Parking is available for $15 per night. There is a shuttle service to the zoo for $2 per person each way.

    Click here to download driving directions to the south gate Hippo parking lot at the zoo.

    Money back Guarantee

    As with all TAGteach events, this one comes with a 100% satisfaction 30-day money back guarantee. If you attend the entire event and you're not satisfied, let us know within 30 days and we'll refund as much of your money as you request. You'll be the first person in over 150 events ever to request us to honor this.

    OFFER: 50% Off Intro to TAGteach Online Course

    We are offering a package deal of 50% off the Introduction to TAGteach Online Course with registration to this conference (save $150) if you wish to learn more about TAGteach or obtain your Level 1 TAGteach certification. An additional $75 fee applies for certification assessment.

    Click here to see the full list of certification requirements.

    Contact Info

    Before you contact us, please check out the FAQ to see if your question has already been answered: Frequently Asked Questions

    In-person conference questions:
    Questions about the livestream:

    THANKS to our awesome sponsors!

    • 29 Sep 2018
    • 9:00 AM (EDT)
    • 30 Sep 2018
    • 4:00 PM (EDT)
    • Boston MA - venue TBD
    • 26

    Extra Early Bird Discount - $55 Off - 5 Days only

    Increase your success with your learners, family or co-workers. Learn to teach effectively and efficiently with fun for you and your learners. Learn how to get more of the behavior you want. Take your TAGteach skills to the next level in this high intensity, hands-on workshop with TAGteach faculty member Martha Gabler.


    CCPDT, IAABC, KPA - 16 credits!

    FACEbook event

    Facebook Event - join if you're coming or thinking about coming. Chat to other attendees and the host. Plan your activities and prepare for the fun ahead!

    What Topics Will be Covered?

    This seminar/workshop will cover topics in more detail and will cover topics not covered in the Level 1 seminar. The topics will be in part determined by the attendees based on their experience with TAGteach so far. You WILL get your questions answered.

    Core topics will include:
    • Behavior chains and back chaining
    • Shaping
    • Know when to raise criteria
    • Reinforcement schemes
    • TAGteach without the tagger
    • TAGteach for reducing fear
    • Fixing broken communication

    Is There a Guarantee?

    Yes, there is a 100% no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee if you attend the entire seminar and not satisfied. We've taught more than 1500 people and have never once had to honor this guarantee. We know that the information and skills you will get will be worth more than the price of admission!

    Will There Be Hands-On Practice?

    You will get lots of practice in small groups, practicing your tagging skills in various scenarios designed to promote problem-solving skills.Your group will have the opportunity to present your solution to the group for whole group brain-storming and critiquing.

    Can Anyone Attend?

    This Advanced Workshop is open to anyone, but will only count towards Level 2 certification if you already hold a Level 1 certification. This is not a beginner seminar, so you do need to know the basics and to have some experience with TAGteach so as to be able to keep up with the group. If you feel that you would benefit from this advanced workshop, but you are not a certified TAGteacher, we will suggest some training materials to ensure you are up to date on our basic approach.

    Can I Get Level 2 Certification?

    This Advanced Workshop will provide partial requirement for Level 2 TAGteach Certification if you have already earned your Level 1 TAGteach certification (formerly Primary Certification).

    Level 1 TAGteach Certification is a prerequisite for earning Level 2 Certification and is a prerequisite for this seminar to count towards your Level 2.

    If you would like this Advanced Workshop to count towards your Level 2, and you don't already have your Level 1, you can get your Level 1 online before the workshop. When you register for the seminar you will have the opportunity to enroll in the Introduction to TAGteach Online course for $150 (50% off). You will need to pay the assessment fee of $75 when you submit your online coursework for evaluation.

    To earn Level 2 certification, you must attend this seminar AND send in five videos demonstrating you applying TAGteach principles. You must also document your TAGteach experiences and submit this documentation. There is an additional $75 fee for the certification assessment.

    Click here to see the full list of certification requirements.

    OFFER: 50% Off Intro to TAGteach Online Course

    We are offering a package deal of 50% off the Introduction to TAGteach Online Course with registration to this Advanced Workshop (save $150). If you wish to obtain your Level 1 certification online prior to this seminar so that this seminar can count towards your Level 2 Certification, you can do so by taking the online course and submitting the required materials for review in advance of the Advanced Workshop.

    Click here to see the full list of certification requirements.

    Registration Information

    Early bird discount price: $320 USD (until June 18, 2018)
    Early bird discount price: $350 USD (until Aug 14, 2018)
    Standard registration $425 USD (from Aug 15)


    There are discounts for some special groups and partners as listed in the registration section at top left. Request a discount code from your organization: FPPE and KPA

    TAGteachers, you'll get the discount automatically if you use the same email as you use to login to the membership system and your membership is up to date.

    Students, teachers of the visually impaired and Special Olympics coaches, please provide proof of your status and send to for the discount code.


    Important! Make non-refundable travel plans after Sep 5, 2018. We will let you know when we are sure there are enough registrations for this workshop to go ahead.


    What’s Your Story?
    Energize yourself by collaborating with other TAGteachers.

    Share your insight and learn from others during the TAGteach idea share sessions.

    Practice Makes Powerful
    Practice using TAGteach “on the fly” and gain the confidence to use tools anywhere, anytime.

    Panning for Gold
    We’ll practice the art of finding and/or creating that perfect tag point in a wide variety of circumstances.

    Can I Use TAGteach Here?
    Expand the use of TAGteach tools into unique environments.

    Discuss and practice using TAGteach tools in home, work and play scenarios.

    How Can I Tag That?
    Find and tag the physical manifestation of a thought
    Learn to create tag points derived from emotions, desires and decisions.

    It’s All Fun and Games…
    The Gamification of TAGteach: We’ll look for ways to make sure each TAGteach session is a game to win.

    I’m a Learner
    You deserve all the advantages of TAGteach too!
    Discover why TAGteach follows all the rules in the science of behavior change and how you can benefit from self-tagging.

    It’s a Hand, Not a Hammer
    No need to carry a toolbox; it’s all at your fingertips.
    Practice using TAGteach at a moment’s notice without props, token reinforcers, or even a mechanical marker.

    TAGteach under the Radar!
    Learn to use TAGteach tools with people and in places where audible markers and positive reinforcement are not widely recognized

    Contact Information

    Local Contact:

    BJ Mumford:

    TAGteach Contact Information:
    Joan Orr:  

Past events

04 Nov 2017 Seattle WA: TAGteach Level 1 Certification Seminar
02 Nov 2017 30th Annual International Precision Teaching Conference
22 Jul 2017 Burford ON: TAGteach Level 1 Certification Seminar
19 Mar 2017 Super Powers for Teachers with Theresa McKeon - San Diego CA
05 Nov 2016 Salt Lake City, Utah: TAGteach Primary Seminar and Workshop
15 Oct 2016 Toronto ON: TAGteach Advanced Workshop and Level 1 Certification
17 Sep 2016 Providence RI: TAGteach Advanced Workshop and Level 1 Certification
14 May 2016 Milton ON Canada: TAGteach Primary Certification Seminar and Workshop
30 Apr 2016 Providence, RI: TAGteach Primary Certification Seminar and Workshop
05 Nov 2015 Arizona ABA Pre-Conference Workshop - Primary Certification
17 Oct 2015 Columbus, OHIO: TAGteach Primary Certification Seminar and Workshop
29 Jun 2015 Denver: TAGteach Advanced Workshop and Level 1 Certification
27 Jun 2015 TAGteach Primary Certification and Training Seminar: Denver (Lakewood) Colorado!
31 May 2015 Chicago, IL: TAGteach Workshop - Collaborating with Veterinary Professionals
16 May 2015 Goodyear, Arizona, TAGteach Primary Certification Seminar
17 Apr 2015 Canandaigua, NY (Near Rochester): TAGteach Primary Certification Seminar and Workshop
14 Nov 2014 Silver City, New Mexico: TAGteach Primary Certification Seminar and Workshop
07 Nov 2014 George Mason University Primary Certification
03 Nov 2014 Denver: TAGteach Advanced Workshop and Level 1 Certification
01 Nov 2014 TAGteach Primary Certification and Training Seminar: Denver (Lakewood) Colorado!
27 Oct 2014 Cambridge, Massachusetts: TAGteach Advanced Workshop
25 Oct 2014 Cambridge, MA: TAGteach Primary Certification Seminar and Workshop
12 Apr 2014 USF Researchers
05 Apr 2014 Seattle, Washington: TAGteach Primary Certification and Training Seminar (CPDT CEUs: 13.5 and CBCC CEUs: 1 and KPA CEUs: 13.5)
08 Mar 2014 TAGteach Primary Certification and Training Seminar: Denver (Lakewood) Colorado!
22 Feb 2014 TAGteach Primary Certification and Training Seminar: Central Ohio (CPDT CEUs: 13.5 and CBCC CEUs: 1 and KPA CEUs: 13.5)
08 Feb 2014 TAGteach Primary Certification and Training Seminar: Tampa, Florida (Busch Gardens)
03 Aug 2013 TAGteach and Clicker Training - The Dynamic Duo - Illinois
20 Jul 2013 TAGteach Primary Certification and Training Seminar: Dublin (San Francisco Bay area), California (CPDT CEUs: 13.5 and CBCC CEUs: 1)
18 Jun 2013 TAGteach Certification seminar - First Coast Chapter of FABA
30 May 2013 Behaviorism 2.0 & Conditioned Reinforcement: An Exclusive Intro to TagTeach
19 Apr 2013 TAGteach Presents at the IAABC Symposium: A Behavior in Practice
13 Apr 2013 TAGteach Primary Certification and Training Seminar: Boulder, Colorado (CPDT CEUs: 13.5 and CBCC CEUs: 1)

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