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All TAGteach events come with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee!

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    • 02 May 2015
    • 9:00 AM (UTC+01:00)
    • 03 May 2015
    • 4:30 PM (UTC+01:00)
    • Limerick, IRELAND
    • 23

                  Limerick, IRELAND   May 2-3, 2015
                           Make your Mark with TAGteach
       Identify, Mark, Reinforce;  Learn to use the three steps that
      guarantee students and teachers are successful and stress free!

    Join us for this Primary Certification seminar in beautiful Limerick, Ireland! Learn and practice the tools and techniques being used around the world to spark a new love of teaching and learning. 

    Appropriate for those interested in setting themselves apart as instructors in education, business, training, coaching and parenting.

    *Where? The seminar will be held in the beautiful Kilmurry Lodge Hotel in Limerick, Ireland 

    *First 10 registrations receive a €40 discount! (approx. $50) 
    First 10 registrations:  €300 (approx. $385.00) 
    (allow for fluctuations in the Euro/US Dollar exchange rate)

    Local host: Helen McGee;

    *Standard registration: 340.00 (approx. $435.00)
    (allow for fluctuations in the Euro/US Dollar exchange rate)
    *Lunch at the venue has been made optional and can be purchased in the registration 
    The seminar fee includes:
    +Two full days of learning and hands on practice culminating in a TAGteach primary certification.
    +Refreshments morning and afternoon  
    +Six month TAGteach membership

    *Important - Make non-refundable travel plans after March1, 2015.  See terms and conditions

    Learn more about TAGteach before you decide if this seminar is right for you:

    *TAGteach Primary Certification Agenda:
    Interactive seminar/workshop including PPT, discussion, practicals, and video.

    Day One:
    TAGteach Introduction 
    Where it started, where it’s going, what that means for you.
    The Student
    Shocking insight as to what your learner really hears when you are teaching.

    The Focus Funnel
    The Focus Funnel will become your #1 tool for engineering “perfect instructions” enabling you to talk less and teach more. You’ll wonder how you ever taught without it!

    The Audible Marker
    The audible mark or “tag” is the star of the show and the ace up your sleeve! Say goodbye to wandering attention and hello to success for you and your student.
    The Ultimate Refinement
    Learn to perfect the timing of your instructions and reinforcement so they supersede distractions in the learning environment. 

    Day 2:
    More tools 
    TAGulators, self-tagging, and tagging without a marker

    Practice, Design, Discuss 
    TAGteach lessons you want to start using immediately

    Ready, Set, Go!
    You’ll be ready to use what you've learned the moment the seminar ends

    Q & A
    Closing comments
    Presentation of certificates
    Certification: You will be eligible, but not required to earn Primary level TAGteach certification at this seminar. 
    Click here for more information about certification levels. 

    • 04 Sep 2015
    • 9:00 AM (UTC+02:00)
    • 06 Sep 2015
    • 4:30 PM (UTC+02:00)
    • Verona, Italy
    • 122


    Join us for the very first TAGteach World Education Conference in beautiful Verona, Italy!

    Along with a heavy focus on enjoying Italian food, wine, and sights, there will be three days packed with amazing speakers, presentations, and fascinating TAGteach presentations. 

    Education and the use of TAGteach tools is the focus of this conference with highlights on: 

    • Teaching and being taught
    • Parenting and being parented
    • Coaching and being coached
    • Delivering Vital Information
    • Building Creativity
    • Successful Behavior Change

    Karen Pryor
    Dr. Susan Friedman
    Theresa McKeon
    Martin Levy, M.D.
    Eva Bertilsson
    Emelie Johnson Vegh
    Joey Iverson
    Laura Monaco Torelli
    Joan Orr
    Luca Canever
    Ann Bergeron
    Martha Gabler
    (Full list and presentation titles)

    Just to make sure this conference is an event you’ll never forget, we have an expert in history and archaeology to guide us through the most memorable sites of Verona: including the ancient Roman Verona amphitheater, Romeo and Juliet’s Balcony Castelvecchio, Porta Borsari, piazza Erbe and more. The guided tour will take place on Monday, Se
    ptember 7. If you choose to extend your visit, Venice, Padua and Milan are all a short train ride from Verona.

    Click here for more information on speakers, topics and travel/accommodations

    Verona, Italy

    September 4-6, 2015
    Guided Tour of the City – September 7, 2015

    Attendance to all presentations
    Digital downloads of Powerpoint presentations
    Morning and afternoon refreshments
    Guided tour of Verona (Museum entrance fees not included)

    Breakfast - Although coffee, tea, and light refreshments are provided, full breakfast is on your own.
    Lunch - Lunch will be available on site (food is GREAT!) and you can order and pay for your lunches in the registration. A vegetarian option will be available. There are local eateries within walking distance.
    Dinner - Evening food and entertainment is on your own. We’ll announce suggestions for evening gatherings sites at the beginning of each seminar day.
    Entrance fees: to museums on guided tour.

    CCPDT -
    CBCC -
    IAABC -
    KPA -

    Don Bosco Institute
    Web site:
    Address: Via Antonio Provolo 16, 37123 Verona, Italy
    The Don Bosco Institute is in downtown Verona. It is a five minute walk to the ancient Roman Arena, Castelvecchio and more.

    Verona is full of cozy hotels. Here are just a few suggestions.
    Don Bosco Institute. Here there are some rooms for a really convenient price. Write an email to Don Carlo Lievore for booking and further information:
    AIRBNB: this is an interesting opportunity to rent a room or an apartment in private houses. If you're interested in low prices and a taste of Italian living this could be your choice:
    Hotel Valverde:
    Hotel Giberti:
    Hotel San Luca: http://www.
    Hotel Scalzi:

    Click here for more information on hotels and discounts

    By plane: Verona has an international airport. Venice also has an international airport and easy access to trains that will take you to Verona.
    There is a bus line between Verona's airport and the town. The buses stop at the Trains Station which is 10 min. walk from Don Bosco Institute. If you prefer there are few bus lines which connect the train station to Don Bosco Institute.
    By Car: Highway A4,exit Verona Sud. Then go to the downtown. There will be parking inside Don Bosco Institute will host our cars in its parking lots.
    By Train: Railway Milano Venezia. All the trains stop in Verona Trains Station. From here take a 10 min walk or pick up a bus


    TAGteach reserves all video/audio taping and photography rights at this educational conference. No video or audio taping is permitted in session rooms.

    All cancellations must be made in writing and emailed no later than July 1, 2015 for a refund.
    Cancellations emailed by July 1, 2015 will receive a refund less a $50 processing fee.
    Registrations are transferable.
    Cancellations postmarked or emailed after July 1, 2014, may use their registration fee to pay for alternative TAGteach seminars, webinars or online courses.
    No-shows will not receive a refund.

    Submit your cancellations to
    You will receive confirmation of your cancellation no later than 72 hours after it is received. If you do not receive this notification, you should resend the notice to

    All speaker materials and slideshow presentations will be available for download for attendees prior to the conference.


    • 11 Sep 2015
    • 9:30 AM (UTC+02:00)
    • 12 Sep 2015
    • 4:30 PM (UTC+02:00)
    • Clickerzentrum Schweiz Derrière les Maisons 11 2716 Sornetan Switzerland
    TAGteach Primary Certification, 
    Sorentan, Switzerland, September 11-12, 2015
    Strategic tools cut teaching time in half!
    Click Here for More Information:
    Click Here for Registration Form:

    Local Contact: 
    Claudia Moser
    TAGteach Contact Information:
    Theresa McKeon:  
    Site Location and Local Accommodations:

    The Seminar:
    *Unique tools
    Learn to use the audible marker, Focus Funnel and the tag point to finesse skill assessment, acquisition and retention.  With these tools, your student can reach out for help, and you can instantly respond.

    *Create focus in any environment 
    TAGteach tools help you mitigate unnecessary language and stressful environments and replace them with a direct line of focus between you and your learner.

    *Use every moment
    Practice using tools that maximize precious moments of concentration immediately before and after the learner executes a skill.

    *Bang for your buck
    You’ll be ready to use what you’ve learned the moment the seminar ends.

    *Who Should Attend? 
    Those with a desire to sharpen their teaching/training/coaching/parenting skills will benefit from the seminar.  Attendees from all applications and backgrounds are welcome. Those under 16 years of age need to contact before registering.

    Day One:
    *TAGteach Introduction
    Where it started, where it’s going and what that means to you

    *Jump into the Student’s Skin 
    We’ll spend a few moments in the learner’s world to reveal what’s running through their minds. Hint: it’s not the information you just delivered… 

    *The Focus Funnel
    A verbal template for editing and organizing information, the Focus Funnel will become your #1 tool for creating the “perfect instructions”. You’ll wonder how you ever taught without it!

    *The Audible Marker
    The audible mark or “tag” is the star of the show and the ace up your sleeve! This tool puts the teacher and the learner on the same page at same instant. Say goodbye to wandering attention and hello to laser focus from the student and the teacher. 

    *The Ultimate Refinement
    Learn to perfect the timing of your instructions and reinforcement so they supersede distractions in the learning environment. 

    *TAGteach Triangle
    What you can see, you can change. Learn to see down to the very pixels (smallest controllable elements) of the skill you want to build or change.

    Tag, That's It! - With a twist on the children's game, we "tag" a specific moment or action and instantly highlight the moment of success.

    Reinforcement opportunities abound in the TAGteach protocol and we'll discuss how you can make the most of them. 

    Day 2:
    *TAGulators and self-tagging
    *Practice creating and using TAG talk 
    *Practice creating tag points from muddy constructs. 
    *Create groups for discussing, developing, activating, practicing and reviewing  group and individual TAG action plans.
    *Q & A
    *Closing comments
    *Presentation of certificates
    Certification: You will be eligible, but not required to earn Primary level TAGteach certification at this seminar. Click here for more information about certification levels. 

    • 13 Sep 2015
    • 9:30 AM (UTC+02:00)
    • 14 Sep 2015
    • 5:00 PM (UTC+02:00)
    • Sornetan, Switzerland
    TAGteach Level 1 Certification Seminar
    Sornetan, Switzerland,  September 13-14, 2015
    Level 1 certification in a supportive, convenient environment!
    Seminar is presented by TAGteach co-founder  Theresa McKeon, so you are guaranteed cutting edge information and top notch results. 
    Prerequisite: TAGteach Primary certification
    • _You may register for the Primary certification seminar on Sept 13-14,      2015 and  the Level 1 certification seminar on 15-16, 2015.
    _Acquire the Primary certification at a previous location 
    _Take the Primary certification online. 

    For more information on the Primary certification seminars or the online course click on the link below.

    Notice: Attendance at a  Level 1 seminar is now required to achieve Level 1 status. For more information click on the link below.

    Registration Information:
    Click Here for Registration Information:

    Click Here for Registration Form:

    Contact Information:
    Local Contact: Claudia Moser
    TAGteach Contact Information:
    Theresa McKeon:  
    Site Location and Local Accommodations:


    What’s Your Story?

    Energize yourself by collaborating with other TAGteachers

    Share your insight and learn from others during the TAGteach idea share sessions

    Practice Makes Powerful

    Practice using TAGteach “on the fly” and gain the confidence to use tools anywhere, anytime

    Panning for Gold

    We’ll practice the art of finding and/or creating that perfect tag point in a wide variety of circumstances

    Can I Use TAGteach Here?

    Expand the use of TAGteach tools into unique environments

    Discuss and practice using TAGteach tools in home, work and play scenarios

    How Can I Tag That?

    Find and tag the physical manifestation of a thought

    Learn to create tag points derived from emotions, desires and decisions

    It’s All Fun and Games…

    The Gamification of TAGteach

    We’ll look ways to making sure each TAGteach session is a game to win

    I’m a Learner

    You deserve all the advantages of TAGteach too!

    Discover why TAGteach follows all the rules in the science of behavior change and how you can benefit from self-tagging

    It’s a Hand, Not a Hammer

    No need to carry a toolbox- It’s all at your fingertips

    Practice using TAGteach at a moment’s notice without props, token reinforcers, or even a mechanical marker

    TAGteach under the Radar!

    Learn to use TAGteach tools with people and in places where audible markers and positive reinforcement are not widely recognized             
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