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All TAGteach events come with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee!

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    • 22 Jul 2014
    • 9:00 AM (UTC+10:00)
    • 23 Jul 2014
    • 4:30 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • Wondall Rd, Manly West, Brisbane, Australia
           TAGteach Advanced Workshop and Level 1 Certification 
                        Brisbane, Australia July 22-23, 2014

    First Advanced Workshop and Level 1 certification opportunity in Australia!     
    This workshop is presented by TAGteach cofounder Theresa McKeon, so you are guaranteed cutting edge information and top notch results. 

    This is an accelerated workshop that provides a place to practice your old skills, learn new ones, and receive your Level 1 status in a convenient program.

    This seminar is open to certified TAGteachers with Primary certification or higher.

    Not a Certified TAGteacher?

    To register for this seminar you must have completed a TAGteach Primary certification seminar or TAGteach online course and handed in your journals and worksheets for evaluation.

    If you would like to take the online course to get your Primary Certification and become qualified to attend this Level 1 Certification and Advanced Workshop we are pleased to offer a $75 discount off the online course. You will get a discount code for the online course as soon as you register for the seminar.

    For more information on Primary seminars and the online course click on the link below.

    Registration Information:

    Early bird discount price $375 USD
    Early bird discount price ends March 31, 2014 
    Standard registration $425 
    Standard registration begins April 1, 2014)
    Contact Information:

    Local Contact: 
    Oliver Beverly: 
    TAGteach Contact Information:
    Theresa McKeon:  
    Phone: 704-995-9237

    Site Location: Sunset Room Wynnum- Manly Leagues Club, 92 Wondall Rd, Manly West. 
    Local Accommodations:

    What’s Your Story?

    Energize yourself by collaborating with other TAGteachers.

    Share your insight and learn from others during the TAGteach idea share sessions.

    Practice Makes Powerful

    Practice using TAGteach “on the fly” and gain the confidence to use tools anywhere, anytime.

    Panning for Gold

    We’ll practice the art of finding and/or creating that perfect tag point in a wide variety of circumstances.

    Can I Use TAGteach Here?

    Expand the use of TAGteach tools into unique environments.

    Discuss and practice using TAGteach tools in home, work and play scenarios.

    How Can I Tag That?

    Find and tag the physical manifestation of a thought.

    Learn to create tag points derived from emotions, desires and decisions.

    It’s All Fun and Games…

    The Gamification of TAGteach.

    We’ll look ways to making sure each TAGteach session is a game to win.

    I’m a Learner

    You deserve all the advantages of TAGteach too!

    Discover why TAGteach follows all the rules in the science of behavior change and how you can benefit from self-tagging.

    It’s a Hand, Not a Hammer

    No need to carry a toolbox- It’s all at your fingertips.

    Practice using TAGteach at a moment’s notice without props, token reinforcers, or even a mechanical marker.

    TAGteach under the Radar!

    Learn to use TAGteach tools with people and in places where audible markers and positive reinforcement are not widely recognized.             
    • 26 Jul 2014
    • 9:00 AM (UTC+12:00)
    • 27 Jul 2014
    • 4:30 PM (UTC+12:00)
    • Pirongia Clydesdales, RD6, Te Awamutu, 3876, New Zealand (near Hamilton)
                                     New Zealand!
                        TAGteach Primary Certification 
                    Seminar/Workshop  July 26-27, 2014

    TAGteach – Create Change

    Whatever change you mean to create, TAGteach tools get you there faster!

    Cutting edge techniques for Teachers and Coaches

             Born in science and best practices
             Strategic tools cut teaching time in half
             Supportive workshop environment 
             Learn it today – Use it tomorrow!

    “I thought this was a great seminar, but I had no idea of how it would change my life”. Anja Rudolf - University of Applied Science, Ingolstadt, Germany

    Registration Information:

    Early bird discount price $375 USD
    Early bird discount price ends July 18, 2014 
    Standard registration $425 
    Standard registration begins July 19, 2014)
    Contact Information:

    Local Contact: 
    Karen Drummond | Learning About Dogs Ltd
    PO Box 19109 | Hamilton 3244
    Mobile: 021 655 054

    Seminar Site:
    Pirongia Clydesdales,
    RD6, Te Awamutu, 3876, New Zealand.
    Directions and map are available on the website 

    TAGteach Contact Information:
    Theresa McKeon:  
    Phone: 704-995-9237

    TAGteach Primary Certification Agenda:
    This interactive seminar/workshop includes PPT, discussion, and video.

    Day One:

    TAGteach Introduction 
    Where it started, where it’s going and what that means for you.

    The Student
    Shocking insight as to what your learner really hears when you are teaching. Hint: It’s not the information you just delivered… 

    The Focus Funnel
    The Focus Funnel will become your #1 tool for creating the “perfect instructions”. You’ll wonder how you ever taught without it!

    The Audible Marker
    The audible mark or “tag” is the star of the show and the ace up your sleeve! Say goodbye to wandering attention and hello to laser focus from the student. 

    The Ultimate Refinement
    Learn to perfect the timing of your instructions and reinforcement so they supersede distractions in the learning environment. 

    Day 2:

    More tools 
    Tagulators, self-tagging, and tagging without a marker

    Practice, Design, Discuss 
    TAGteach lessons you want to start using immediately.

    Ready, Set, Go!
    You’ll be ready to use what you’ve learned the moment the seminar ends.

    Q & A

    Closing comments

    Presentation of certificates

    Certification: You will be eligible, but not required to earn Primary level TAGteach certification at this seminar. Click here for more information about certification levels. 

    "I've attended many seminars, and brought home many certificates but the TAGteach certificate is the very first I've chosen to hang on my wall." Luca Canever – Trainer, Italy
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